Leeds Institute for Data Analytics

Leeds Institute for Data Analytics

The vision for the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA) is to enable users of data analytics to come together from multiple disciplines and organisations to generate new insight and outcomes. It is designed to be secure, extendable and sustainable.

The first two major programmes for data intensive research - the MRC Medical Bioinformatics Centre and the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre are tenants of the institute already. LIDA is bringing together applied research groups alongside data scientists in mathematics and computer science to open up unparalleled opportunities to understand health and human behaviour.

Collectively, we have had considerable recent funding successes. Infrastructure funding has been obtained for the £7m MRC Medical Bioinformatics Centre which brings together researchers from Medicine & Health; Biological Sciences and Computing. The £11m ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre is led jointly by the University of Leeds and UCL, it involves researchers in Geography, Leeds University Business School, Institute for Transport Studies and Earth & Environment.

MRC funding comes from the research council's Medical Bioinformatics capability, capacity and infrastructure initiative. ESRC funding is under its Business and Local Government Data Research Centres programme.

Encouraged by these successes, the University of Leeds has invested in a purpose-built and fully-equipped facility with space for more than 40 academic and research personnel, to maximise benefits for collaborative research and engagement with external partners. LIDA also provides a safe rooms for secure data analysis, advanced computational infrastructure, and a fully-equipped training suite.

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